My Christian/Positive Metal/Rock Want List
Updated 03/13/2006

rock/metal items - Albums, CDs, 45s, promos, singles, videos, press kits, rare items, tapes, etc...
Adam Again - 10 Songs By adam Again CD
Adam Again - Homeboys CD
Adam Again - In a New World Of Time CD
Agape - Victims Of Tradition CD
Trace Balin - Glory Road CD
Trace Balin - Here and Now CD
Barnabas - Any CDs, Any 45's
Believer - Any Videos
Bloodgood - To Germany With Love (Original) CD
Trace Balin - Here and Now CD
Bride - Across The Border CD, Any Videos
Trace Balin - Here and Now CD
Morgan Cryar - Fuel On The Fire CD
Deliverance - Greetings Of Death - Tape
D.O.X. - Through The Fire CD
Emerald - Armed For Battle - LP
Final Axe - Any CD
First Degree - Any CD
Flyght - Any CD
Galactic Cowboys - Any Japanese released CD
Gideon's Army - Any CD
Horde - Hellig Usart CD
Glenn Hughes - Any Japanese released CD
Impellitteri - CDs, especially live ones
In 3D - Any CD
Jars Of Clay - Frail CD
Jars Of Clay - Platinum CD
Jerusalem - any CDs
Joshua - Any CD, Any 45
King's X - Any promo CD, 12", 45, press kit, video
Lightforce - Any CD
Mastedon - Any CD
Messiah Force - Any CD, tape, or LP
One Bad Pig - A Christian banned - LP or Tape
Resurrection Band - Any CD
Retrace - Any tapes, 45s
Rez (Band) - Any CD
Ruscha - Any CD
Saviour Machine - Any CD
Seventh Avenue (German metal band) - Any CD
Sceptre - Rise To Power - Tape
Shout - Any singles
Siloam - Any CD, any singles
Sircle Of silence - Any CD
Stairway - any CD
Stryper - Promos, specials, singles
Sure Conviction - Fightin' the Battle CD
Sweet Comfort Band - Any CD
Tempest - Annihilation Of The Wicked - Tape
Trytan - Any CD
Tyton - Any CD, Any picture discs

BARREN CROSS - "Imaginary Music"

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